The Beginning

Ah where to start. As vocations go, archaeologist seemed like a good choice for a sock monkey – options for monkeys in general are limited (we only need so many monkeys throwing poo at each other at the zoo, and being of a delicate, hand-made construction I suspected I would not hold up well physically to any other monkey encounters ). But I do like being out of doors, working with my hands (if only I had fingers!), writing the occasional report and the continual chance of finding buried treasure. The travel aspect seemed glamorous, and I think with time I can learn to wield a whip…for emergencies of course. But, largely, I noticed archaeologists are seen as a bit peculiar, so I hoped this meant no one would really notice that I was made from a sock, a fancy European sock, but a sock nonetheless.

I shall skip over the tedious schooling bit and skip ahead to the present. I currently work in Canada as an archaeologist, but I don’t limit my interests to just that country. Yearly I journey to Israel to excavate a tel there (more on that in due time) and when I travel I generally force my companions to be just a bit nerdy and visit at least some of the local cemeteries and archaeology sites.13-246~1337

Hopefully this will be a bit nerdy, a bit fun, a bit informative and filled with deep insights (one can hope, right?).


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