Frozen in Time

Time for a visit to one of my fav sites in Israel – Bet She’an. The site is always blisteringly hot but still enjoyable if you pack extra water.

The city was begun in the 5th millenium BCE and grew substantially over the years; however, in 749 CE a severe earthquake struck and devastated the city. In areas of the site, the ruined city remains unchanged, just as it fell during the earthquake – the moment frozen in time reminds me greatly of a visit to Pompeii. The site has everything though – a wide cardo, public toilets (pee with friends!), a spacious bath house, a working theater and beautifully mosaic floored houses of ill-repute (such classy ladies).

Afterwards we headed for a gorgeous change of scenery – the Hermon Stream nature reserve. It’s a lush preserve with refreshing tree-lined paths and waterfalls, and just a smattering of archaeology throughout the area to keep it educational: a temple to Pan, an old flour mill, some crusader remains and a palace complex.


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