Through the Gates of Jerusalem


Ah a city that’s just my size!

Jerusalem is fantastic – so much history layered up upon itself, with such a vibrant city still bustling amidst the ancient walls and gates. The city has about 7 gates but once you get them straight navigation isn’t so bad. The narrow, spice-filled alleyways can be confusing until you get your bearings, I suggest a stop at the Israel Museum first off.

A statue titled woman combing her hair...and holding a monkey

A statue titled woman combing her hair…and holding a monkey

They have a fantastic scale model of the Old City from the Second Temple Period (it used to be housed a hotel) that gives you a bird’s eye view of the city.

Perfectly creepy!

Perfectly creepy!

Check out the rest of the museum while you’re at it – some very impressive archaeological artifacts, an intriguing art collection and a beautiful display of some of the Dead Sea scrolls.


I'd like one of these for the house please!

I’d like one of these for the house please!

If you like a more old-school, hodge-podge I-looted-and-pilfered style of museum check out the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum just down the road from Damascus Gate. I love to wander this one, the displays are not terribly well labeled but they that doesn’t keep them from being thoroughly interesting.

Hello little rock sheep

Hello little rock sheep

This museum is also home to some of the early finds from our site Beth Shemesh (in particular a gorgeous horde of gold jewelry), so that makes it rather dear as well. Generally, the museum is pretty quiet and we have the run of the place to ourselves. And it is air-conditioned which counts for quite a lot in the full heat of summer too!

Care to join me in a bath?

Care to join me in a bath?

Playing copy cat

Playing copy cat


You cut my bleedin’ arms off!




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