Impromptu Road Trip

Sometimes work gets put on hold for family business, I forgo participating in a lot of family events due to fieldwork but sometimes family gets to come first. My great-aunt (and she was pretty great!) passed away recently, it was one of those mixed blessings – she’ll be dearly missed but she’d lived a good long life and was starting to rapidly decline from complications with Alzheimer’s.

In the end it was only my mum and I that could make the 14-hour-each-way trek to Sweet Home, Oregon for the funeral. Despite the rather somber reason for the trip, it was nice to just hang out and catch up with my mum (well up until the point we lost feeling in our posteriors) and funeral’s always bring out some of the best stories and memories from everyone there – you learn so much you wish you would’ve known sooner. This also gave us the chance to detour to Kennewick, Washington to see some most excellent relations and catch an orchid show (a necessary inclusion in all road trips I’m sure…).


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