Hola Mexico!

Lotion? Check. Travel journal? Check. Ready to go!

Lotion? Check. Travel journal? Check. Ready to go!

Ah some downtime, must be time to flee the country and explore a warmer clime for a bit. A week lounging in Mexico looked nice: I’ve never been before and they have some awesome archaeology where I can nerd out – perfect. So, all the essentials were tossed in my trusty Herschel bag (http://www.herschelsupply.com/) and off I went to be taken care of and over-fed at the Bahia Principe, an all-inclusive near Talum in the Yucatan.

Normally, when I travel it is usually me, my beloved backpack and a string of the not-quite-cheapest hostels I can find (it’s always wise to go at least one step above bottom of the barrel). But increasingly I find I very much enjoy not sharing my bed and bathrooms with half a dozen strangers. I must be getting old.

It's as big as an island!

It’s as big as an island!

The flight was uneventful, and was followed by a night-time drive to the resort. Sadly, this didn’t give me much of a feel for the countryside (well I know they have street lights, speed bumps, trees and other vehicles…), but there were beers and pleasant company on the bus to make up for that.

Check in was chaotic at best but soon enough I was lounging on my very spacious bed, the cool tiles a treat for my tired feet. I was mightily pleased to see that the cleaning ladies had left me an authentic headdress of tissue to really get me into the spirit of things (what don’t they think of?).

Bring me a sacrifice!

Bring me a sacrifice!

But enough of that, it is time to journey out into the night in search of the buffet so that I might begin my quest to eat my own weight in food! Must build up my strength for exploring tomorrow.


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