Exploring We Will Go!

Morning and time for some resort exploration. I’m afraid I hardly made it down the path when I encountered my first curious friends: IMG_4997coatis – they have striped tails like racoons and narrow little noses and they sure do like getting into garbage cans.

My second encounter was a bit more stand-offish, but I think in the end we bonded before he grew tired of my staring. IMG_4811

And then there was this rather curious little fellow, he’s an agouti, and I have no idea what that actually makes him. IMG_4814

I also discovered that I was foolishly using my own legs to get me from place to place instead of partaking of the little trollies that zipped everywhere on the resort and between the neighboring resort.

Onwards driver, to the beach!

Onwards driver, to the beach!

Although I decided quite quickly that if I was going to eat my weight in desserts at every meal, I should probably suck it up and walk a bit more frequently.

Next on the list was the beach – a little rest and relaxation please! Heavens knows I need to work on evening out my stripes a tad.

This is the life :)

This is the life 🙂

Luckily no one minded that I took my top off for the afternoon. And when my skin got a little too toasty it was so nice to just burrow into the cool sand for a bit. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend this method in the future, as I now have sand in places I never could have imagined. IMG_4829

IMG_4838But a fruity drink as big as I am helps me to forget all about my sand troubles…


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