Archaeology Nerd Loose at Coba

I’ve always been bad at spending endless days doing nothing, so we booked a couple day trips to get out and explore the archaeology and some local Mayan villages – plus my traveling companion is a bit of a fair-haired albino, so days of sitting in the sun is just a bit cruel.IMG_4846

We booked with Alltournative (check them out on Facebook or TripAdvisor – their guides were very friendly and knowledgeable!). Our guide for the day was Alex and our first stop for was Coba, which has a very long, but well-shaded walk in to the main site. Their ball court is splendid, it’s a bit of a pity we don’t have any rules for the game, but we know it involved a 3-4kg rubber ball, lots of hips, elbows and knees and a dash of human sacrifice somewhere in there (as any good game should).

Nice little place for a rest.

Nice little place for a rest.

Gradually we made our way through all the buildings and pathways to the Nohoch Mul (the big mound) – it’s 42m high – one of the tallest Mayan structures in the Yucatan, so yes, obviously we should climb that.

Oh yeah, that totally looks safe.

Oh yeah, that totally looks safe.

Climbing up wasn’t too bad, so long as you stayed away from the edges, and the view was quite lovely of all the tree tops. Getting back down as a little tricky. They do have the rope for you to hold on to but side-stepping and leaning uphill seemed to work well too. There were a few wobbly looking climbers that I steered clear of just to be on the safe side though.

Curse you tiny legs!!

Curse you tiny legs!!

Hold tight!

Hold tight!


Whew, still in one piece.

After exhausting ourselves climbing the temple, we made our way back out to the minivan and were whisked off to more exploring and adventure.



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