Villages and Cenotes

After a bumpy little ride through the jungle, we arrived at the home of a Mayan family, living very much in the traditional style: oval huts, with doors on opposing sides, hammocks and corn husks in the walls to block out drafts. IMG_4897They farm a bit and keep bees – I had no idea the honey of the Yucatan was such a delicious, prized commodity!

It may look like a boring stump but really it's a beehive

It may look like a boring stump but really it’s a beehive


The mother of the household treated us to some fresh corn tortillas, which were tasty (and celiac friendly). IMG_4913We met one of their boar-fighting dogs and their noisy gaggle of chickens, and saw a most peculiar looking orchid which then got me thinking on grandma sock monkey and her love of flowers….


It's an orchid - who knew?

It’s an orchid – who knew?

But then it was time for a ritual cleansing by a local shaman and trip into a cenote – they’re the mineral-rich fresh water pools opened up by persistent tree roots probing their way through the limestone. Supposedly, they were a way to access the underworld and the gods below – they do have a rather ominous, bat-filled quality to them.

Well it is rather splendid down here.

Well it is rather splendid down here after all.

Entrance to the underworld, yeah I should go in there...

Entrance to the underworld, yeah I should go in there…


3 thoughts on “Villages and Cenotes

  1. I’ve often wondered how much cenotes are thought of as a potential site. Are pedestrian surveys (or swimming surveys, as it may be) ever carried out to see if there would be reason to conduct excavations? My marine archaeology knowledge is limited, but I assume something like GPR or EM wouldn’t work in the water…surely, though, there is some sort of imaging that can be done?
    I continue to enjoy the stories of your adventures and the wonderful photos!


    • I know in larger water bodies they do sub-bottom profiling (it is usually towed behind a boat and acts similar to GPR), not sure if that would work so well in a smaller cave area. I know some diving has been done to explore some of the cenotes for remnants of offerings, etc but I don’t recall them saying that anything was found, at least not in the ones we checked out.
      Thanks for continuing to follow the adventure, I’ve been enjoying your blog too!

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