Road Trip 2: Hidden Gems in the Mountains

High time for another road trip, because we don’t do enough driving for work. This time off to Kelowna, British Columbia to visit my brother, his wife and their tiny offspring (and to take him some long-lost boxes of his stuff discovered while cleaning out the garage). Our direction took us towards Banff to start with, then past the Spiral Tunnels, and a wave at Smokey the Bear.

Basically Banff is an excuse to hang out in rock and fossil shops (Rock Paper Silver!, eat some sort of wild game with a fancy beer at the pub (Banff Ave. Brewing Co. – delicious burgers!), watch wildlife majestically strut around town, and then creep around the Banff Springs hotel under the cover of darkness. All of these goals was successful except for the wildlife, there was an extreme lack of wildlife – just one small deer running headlong down main street. Way to blow it Banff.



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