Kelowna and Back Again!

IMG_7007Just a short one this time, sorry I suppose they can’t all be epics. But as with all good road trips, they must end. And if you’re lucky it doesn’t end with you running out of gas in the middle of a mountain pass…but that’s another story entirely.IMG_7024

Family time was most excellent, I had not seen my brother’s munchkin in quite some time and I thought we were getting along quite well, with the nice hugs and the peanut butter kisses. But there was the brief, terrifying moment where she grabbed both my ears and shook me violently back and forth.

Someone save me! Most undignified!

Someone save me! Most undignified!

Despite my initial concerns, my ears did not actually come off (although one appears a little worse for wear) which was quite a big relief.

I've caught it!

I’ve caught it!

We wandered the lake, saw the Ogopogo monster, checked out a local distillery and generally had a delightfully relaxing time eating, chatting and walking the dogs. But alas, enough trips down memory lane, time to head back to small-town Alberta and the never-ending excavation project – here I come Stage 2!

Safety first

Safety first


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