Crew Houses and Wasp Houses

Mmm bbq time

Mmm bbq time

For this last round of work, we had to try and think up new and creative ways to cut costs – the money always seem to run out mysteriously once the project is close to wrapping up. One of the easiest ways we could find was to eliminate the high hotel bills if we could. In the end we rented 3 crew houses – we’ve mixed feelings about all of them I think.

More mugs of wine with the work peeps on the deck.

More mugs of wine with the work peeps on the deck.

It’s exceptionally nice not to have to load up on quarters just to do a load of laundry, and having a full-sized fridge and stove seem like such luxuries. Although on the down side, the creative furniture arrangement in one of the suites was hiding some rather intense mold, and don’t even get them started on the mysterious hairs in the shower.

Go away, I'm gaming!

Go away, I’m gaming!

But overall, I think everyone is managing pretty well and it’s nice to not always have cleaning ladies bursting into your room (although I miss always having fresh towels).

Cozy beds at least.

Cozy beds at least.

As we started packing up one of our sites, we needed to retrieve the tent boxes we had stored at the farmhouse we’d rented last year. Turns out wasps thought the tent boxes would make a pretty awesome house. Apparently, the box was vibrating due to the sheer number of little guys buzzing away inside. However, several cans of powerful wasp spray later we have our box back!

I win little wasps!

I win little wasp house!


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