Herodium and Home Again

I see you Syria!

I see you Syria!

Delving further into the north we stopped at a lookout and peered into the distance at Syria – no closer than that though, wouldn’t want the parents to worry.

It'll go nicely in the yard I think.

It’ll go nicely in the yard I think.

They’ve fancied it up a bit from last time I was there and now some rather eclectic sculptures line the walk up to the lookout.

IMG_7803Herodium was next on the list- another first for me, yay! If there was one thing Herod did well, it was build. A cool, circular site built as a governmental seat but also the location of a sad modern tale – a short three years after discovering the site Prof. Netzer died tragically on site while investigating the theatre.

A tribute to Prof Netzer

A tribute to Prof Netzer

I love our last stop of the trip which is always Jerusalem, the smell of the spice stalls, the chaos of the people and charts vying for space on the same narrow, slick streets. And this time when we popped over to Bethlehem for an afternoon I managed to stick my head in the hole and touch the magic rock (if you’ve been following for a bit you may recall last year there was some guy who looked passed-out on the magic rock).


And of course no trip would be complete without a stopover in Den Haag to visit the maker of the monkeys and the rest of the monkey bunch!

They're a bit of a mottly bunch of monkeys.

They’re a bit of a mottly bunch.


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