Setting Up House

That’s right a second post about my new house, I’m excited about it, thus you all get to suffer through it. I feel a bit like one of those instructional books they used to put out for young housewives, you know the ones, they tell you how to can every food imaginable, how set the table for high tea, how to proper press your husband’s slacks so you don’t embarrass him and cost him a big promotion. I thought them silly, amusing reads but now I wholeheartedly agree with them in regards to the joys of setting up one’s own home.

Not that I have a staff of housekeepers to organize or elaborate meal plans to submit to my cook, but it has been nice to set up the furniture the way we want, and organize the kitchen in a functional way (instead of cramming it all into the tiny space and hoping you’ll find what you need). It’ll be great when the bookshelves are put in, and some doors on my spacious office will be nice, and when they get around to putting on our proper front steps that will be much less of an eye-sore. But the rooms have an awesome amount of natural light during the day, and having a second story is forcing me to do more stairs on a daily basis which I’m sure I can use after all the holiday cookies.

I’ve also developed a bizarre desire to have company over for fancy cocktails or afternoon tea, perhaps that is because now I can fit more than one friend in the house at a time!


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