Avoiding Paperwork

I feel so mellow.

I feel so mellow.

Most of this winter will be eaten up with reporting on those big sites we sent the past two years excavating. So far it has been going alright, but with the recent holidays and move it was a bit hard to stay focused on the writing.

More cookies!

More cookies!

I’ve been able to get back into getting some acupuncture and chiropractic work done  – trying to put my body back into shape after having it cramped in tiny holes for hours on end. Thanks Back in Balance and Pardip – hands of magic!   20151225_085308

There were the holidays where I definitely baked and ate my weight in tasty treats. But I had a really nice Christmas with the family (yay presents!).

I took some time to wander antique shops in search of awesome finds and great bargains to fill the new house with.

IFAnd I discovered fun treasures that had been packed away in the deep dark corners of the storage container – it’s a little microscope you hook up to your lap top! And now that I’ve gotten all the fun things out of the way, back to work I go.

Discount microscope

Discount microscope

Close-up of a scraper

Close-up of a scraper


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